How to Speed Up Windows 7 and XP Computer

Windows Systems Files Errors Fix 

Follow steps:

1. Close all open programs.

2. Click on the Start button

3. Go to Run

4. Type this command in the Run box: SFC /SCANNOW

5. Click the OK button

Wait for the process to complete, it will prompt you when its done.
Uninstall Unused Programs

Go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features option and uninstall unused programs.

Don’t Start Programs Automatically

1. Click on the Start menu, then click on Run
2. Type msconfig and click OK (The System Configuration Utility will open).
3. Click the Startup tab (to see the list of items that automatically load with Windows).
4. Uncheck the box with program name you do not want to start with Windows.
5. Close this program and restart your computer.